REG HELM Zakum run buyer information

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Dinoboy REG HELM Zakum run buyer information

Post by Chrissy on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:45 am

Currently, we are offering REG HELM package deal only.
Pricing: 1 try = 30 mil

One try means that you only have ONE TRY to receive a helm, we are NOT responsible if you d/c during a run. Please ensure that you have a stable connection before agreeing to purchase. If you disconnect in a run, you will not be refunded. You can turn to other guilds who offer VIP services if your computer cannot handle Zakum Runs.

Payments are to be given to ShutUpBeavis or Aussie32 ONLY.
Karma'ed Helms are also available for purchase and prices vary depending on stats and whether or not the buyer will be providing the scissors; please inquire within.

What can you expect from a regular run package?
You will be running on your account. All buyers will receive HB and a Healer. The use of resurrection will count as one try. You are responsible for both hugging the wall to the far left and potting when necessary.

What are the requirements of Zakum runs?

In order to be able to enter Zakum's altar, you must:
* Be level 50+
* Have all 3 pre-quests completed
* Have an eye of fire in your inventory.

Also, we recommend the following potions:

400-500 Ginger Ales for Mage classes.

400-500 Melting Cheese for all other classes.

Please also note: Mutiny does not provide any HP gears. Please ensure that you have a minimum of 1950 HP before receiving HB.

Please arrive on the day of your scheduled run in El Nath no later than 30 minutes before the run time.

Once Zakum has been defeated, continue to hug the wall to your left and wait your turn for your name to be called out. Please do NOT loot out of turn. Any other Zakum drops are not yours to loot. This includes all equips, Skillbooks, and Zakum cards.

Mutiny guild members have first priority loot if an untradeable skillbook drops, depending on whether or not they need this book or choose to karma/sell it for themselves. If not, we will give you permission to loot.

If you are interested in purchasing a helm, please copy and paste the following format and start a new topic (button is located in the upper right hand corner):

Need a skillbook? If yes, which one?:

Thank you for stopping by! :]
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