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Snail iTeChingo

Post by iTeChing on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:33 pm

Part 1 - Basic Information
1. Your real name, or name you prefer to be called: Lupe
2. Age (optional): 17
3. Location: Los Angeles, ca

Part 2 - Gaming
1. IGN (in-game name): iTeChingo
2. Class/Level: 92 crusader
3. Names of guild(s) you've previously been in, as well as your reasons for leaving them: Lakerfans, the leader quit, and the guild died.
4. Are you on ranks? If not, please explain. yes, I'm in ranks
5. How active are you? very active
6. Is your account shared with any other users? Please list their name(s) & relation to you. nope.
7. Are you an immigrant? If yes, what server are you from? nope.
8. Are you applying to the guild on your main character? Please list all character names as well as the guilds they are associated with, if applicable. no, my main is a shadower, xChsxBanditx. it was also in Lakerfans, and later in Validus. it is currently not in a guild, and inactive.
9. Have you ever had an IGN change? If yes, why? nope.
10. Have you ever been accused of hacking or scamming? nope.
11. How long have you been playing MapleStory? 5 years.
12. What are some of your in-game goals? keep lvling. Join Mutiny

Part 3 - Guild
1. Who referred you to Mutiny? How long have you known this member? Mick (threezer). known him for 3-4 years.
2. Why do you want to join our guild? because i know it is completelly legit. It will b a positive influence on my growth. i respect the people in it.
3. Please describe your personality to us! I am quiet at times, chill, I am completelly loyal.
4. And finally, tell us a little bit about yourself. It can be anything! Hobbies, interests, etc. :] i am very chill. my main interest is music . i listen to hip hop, rap, and house. im willing to help to help in whatever way i can.


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Snail Re: iTeChingo

Post by Tyler on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:53 pm

Applications to the guild have been closed. In previous times we've reviewed some applications during a closed period, but we've decided against that this time. If you're really interested in Mutiny, feel free to check the forum to find out when applications will be reopened and apply again.

We appreciate your interest! Thank you, and I hope you have a great day.
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna give you up

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