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Snail Scarlion Purchase Information

Post by Chrissy on Tue Dec 22, 2009 3:21 am

Mutiny is selling Scarlion Helms!
Only REG packages are being offered
1 try = 35mil
Payment is to be given to Shadowps9 before entry only
Karma’d Helms can be purchased from Mutiny members separately.

Requirements for Mutiny Scarlion:
• Level 90
• Has Pre-Quests completed
• Has Lam extra bear quest forfeited
• Has not Scarlioned twice within the past 24 hours

What to expect of Mutiny and what Mutiny expects of you:

As a buyer you are expected to be in Malaysia 30minutes before the run and to be at the Entrance to the Spooky Wood (Scarlion Entrance map) 10minutes before entry.

Helm fee will be collected at the entrance before sign-up.

Upon entry and summoning you are required to hug the right wall. This is a safe spot. You are not to engage in battle with Scarlion or come near the left wall until instructed. If you do so anyway and this action results in death your payment is forfeit and your 1 try is completed.

Do not afk during the battle with 3rd body because there may be need to pot from a stray magic attack.

After killing you will be instructed to loot your helm, Do not loot any of the other drops.

When applying for a Scarlion Helm purchase please use the following format:

Create a new topic; use your IGN as the subject line.

Feel free to contact Shadowps9 or ShutUpBeavis in regards to Mutiny Scarlion.
Thanks for viewing this page, hope you decide to purchase!
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